Introducing Metairie Bank’s People Pay. Quick. Easy. Convenient.

Use your Mobile Phone or Tablet to PAY YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Even when there is no ATM nearby or you forget your checkbook, you will HAVE MONEY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. With Metairie Bank’s People Pay, you can conveniently pay someone through their mobile phone or email address without having to exchange your personal banking information.


It’s a convenient person to person payment method. You can instantly send money to anyone using just their cell phone number or email address. The recipient will receive a notification that funds are on the way, and they’ll be able to choose how to accept the payment.


  • Split the tab at the restaurant/bar
  • Pay the babysitter, lawn service, house cleaner, etc.
  • Purchases at garage sales, craft shows, eBay and more
  • Send money to your kids at college or money for their allowance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll in People Pay?

    Metairie Bank customers have access to People Pay through Mobile Banking. Enrollment is easy. Just tap on the People Pay tab in your mobile app to get started. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll be able to set up your contacts and send payments instantly.

  • What are the different Payment Methods?

    You can choose from the following options (fees may apply).

    1.  Send to email or mobile number – Your contact will receive a notification to claim funds at the email address or mobile number that you enter.  The recipient will be directed to a link where they will choose how the payment is received.
    2. Deposit to a bank account – If you know your contact’s routing and account number, you can enter that information and send funds directly via an ACH payment.
    3. Send instantly using PayPal – Send to your contact’s mobile number or email associated with a PayPal account, and the funds will be instantly available!
    4. Mail a check – A physical check will be sent to the address you enter.
  • How will my contacts claim payments sent by text or email?

    Sending the payment by email or text message will allow the recipient to choose how they will receive the funds.  A claim code with a link and instructions will be provided in the recipient’s email or text message.  The recipient can choose to have the funds sent to their bank account, PayPal account, or by check.

    If the recipient is a Metairie Bank customer and has enrolled their email address or mobile phone with People Pay, funds can be claimed when they sign in to their Metairie Bank mobile app or online banking account.

  • Limits, Fees, and Processing Times.
    Payment MethodLimit Per PaymentDaily LimitFeeProcessing Time
    Recipient Chooses*$500.00$500.00NoneN/A
    Account to Account$1,000.00$1,000.00$0.751-3 Business Days
    PayPal$500.00$500.00$0.75Same Day
    Direct Check$5,000$10,000None3-5 Business Days

    *When funds are sent by text or email, the recipient can choose how the funds are accepted.  They will have the option to receive funds directly to their bank account, to their PayPal account, or by check.

  • Do payments expire if they are not claimed?

    Yes, recipients have thirty (30) days to claim a payment.  The funds will not be removed from the sender’s account until they are claimed.

  • How do I edit my contacts?

    You can add new contacts within People Pay on the Metairie Bank mobile app.

    To edit existing contacts, log into your online banking account from metairiebank.com (not using the app).  Go to Payment Services and click on People Payment.  Under this section, you can add/modify/delete any contacts.

  • I received a text to claim my payment on metairiebank.com, what does that mean?

    This means your phone number or email address is associated with a People Pay account.  Log into your Metairie Bank mobile app, go to People Pay, and tap on the Activity Tab to claim your payment.

  • Can I use People Pay online without the mobile app?

    Yes, Metairie Bank customers can log into their online banking account using a compatible browser.   Once logged in, go to the Payment Services tab and click on People Payment.  From this screen, you can add/edit contacts, send payments and claim payments.