A SEP is a Traditional IRA account that is established by an Employer for eligible Employees.

Generally, all Employees are eligible; however, the Employer can choose to exclude:
  • Employees under 21 years old,
  • Employees who have not worked in (up to) 3 of the past 5 years, and
  • Employees not earning the minimum annual amount of $550

Once an Employee meets the company’s eligibility requirements, they cannot be excluded from the Plan. Each year the Employer determines the contribution level, which can range from $0 to up to 25% of each eligible Employee’s compensation (salary, bonuses, tips, etc.) not to exceed specified limits (2012 limit – $50,000; 2013 limit – $51,000). Contributing Employers should be referred to an accountant or tax advisor for actual contribution limits allowed.

  • The contribution percentage must be the same for the Employer and all eligible Employees.
  • The Employer is not required to make contributions each year.
  • Any Employer, including a sole proprietor with no Employees, can establish a SEP for the benefit of all eligible Employees and themselves.

The Employer and each eligible Employee must establish an IRA plan at a financial institution. Once the SEP Master Plan is established using the 5305-SEP document, the Employer provides a copy to each eligible Employee. The Employee must open an account in order to receive Employer contributions.

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