Please contact us at 504.834.6330 or with any questions regarding our schedule of services.
Deposit Services
Stop Payment-Per Item$30.00
Account Transaction Monitoring - Monitored for 12 months$30.00
Dormant Account 1 - Savings, 2 Years of Inactivity - Per Month$10.00
Dormant Account 1 - Checking, 1 Year of Inactivity - Per Month$10.00
1 Accounts with no transaction activity per account cycle - Balances <$1,000
Deposit Correction - Per Deposit$2.00
Early Account Closing Fee - Before 6 Months$25.00
Charge-Off Account Fee$25.00
CD/IRA Early Withdrawal/Closing Fee - Per Withdrawal$25.00
Multiple Signature Review - Per Month 2$25.00
Hold Statement - Per Month 2$5.00
2 Existing Customers Only - Service no longer offered.
Paper Statement - Per Month 3$2.00
3 Legacy accounts only.
Returned Mail - Per Month$5.00
Quick Checks - 4 Per Page$2.00
Manual Account Transfer by Customer Service$2.00
Items Returned Unpaid - Per Item$5.00
Nightly Depository Bag Purchase - Per Bag$20.00
Overdraft Services
Personal Accounts - NSF/Overdraft Fees
NSF Charge (Per Presentment, Returned Items-Per Item)
Items Under $15.00$15.00
Items $15.00 and Over$32.00
Overdraft Fee (Per Paid Item)
Items Under $15.00$15.00
Items $15.00 and Over$32.00
Continuous Daily Overdraft Fee 4$5.00
Uncollected Funds (Per Presentment - Per Item)$32.00
Business Accounts - NSF/Overdraft Fees
NSF Charge (Per Presentment, Returned Items-Per Item)$32.00
Overdraft Fee (Per Paid Item)$32.00
Continuous Daily Overdraft Fee 4$5.00
Uncollected Funds (Per Presentment - Per Item)$32.00
Other Overdraft Services
Overdraft Protection Savings Sweep - Per Transfer$10.00
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit - Annual Fee$15.00
Overdraft Privilege Limit - Business Checking Accounts - $1,000
Overdraft Privilege Limit - Personal Checking Accounts - *$100, $300, $500, $700
*See Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy
4Starting on the seventh consecutive business day overdrawn, there is a $5.00 per day charge for each day you are overdrawn. A business day is defined as Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays.
Safe Deposit Boxes 5
2x5 Box - Annually$25.00
3x5 Box - Annually$35.00
5x5 Box - Annually$40.00
3x10 Box - Annually$50.00
5x10 Box - Annually$75.00
10x10 Box - Annually$150.00
Safe Box Late Fee - Per Month after 3 months$5.00
Safe Box Preparation Fee for New Box$10.00
Safe Box Replacement Key - Per Key$10.00
Safe Box Drilling Fee - Per Request$200.00
5 Auto-Debit required from a Metairie Bank Account

Effective 08/2018

Electronic Banking Services
ATM/Debit Cards
Replacement Card Fee$5.00
Transaction at Foreign Non-MB, CC, SUM ATM Terminal$2.00
Non-Customer Transaction at MB ATM$3.00
Metairie Bank Gift Card$3.00
Online & Mobile Banking with Bill Pay
Online BankingFree
Business Bill Pay Monthly$10.00
Positive Pay - Per Account Per Month$20.00
Personal Bill Pay MonthlyFree
Mobile Banking with Xpress DepositFree
ACH Origination
ACH Origination - Monthly$25.00
ACH Per Item Originated$0.10
Commercial Capture Xpress
Setup Fee$50.00
Monthly Charge$50.00
Equipment UsageFree
Contract TerminationUnlimited
Small Business Xpress Deposit - Monthly Fee$10.00
Small Business Xpress Deposit - Item Fee$0.60
Check Cashing / Non-Customer / On Us Only <$250Free
Check Cashing / Non-Customer / On Us Only $250-$9,999.99$5.00
Check Cashing / Non-Customer / On Us Only ≥$10.000$100
Coin Counting - % of Total5%
Coin Deposit - Per $100$0.10
Coin Roll Purchase - Per Roll$0.10
Bond Coupon Collection - Per Bank$10.00
Foreign Currency Order - Per Order$20.00
Gas/Oil Lease - Per Presentment - Per Item$25.00
Automobile Drafts, Handling Fee$20.00
Collection Notes/Items - Minimum $50$35.00
Legal Process - Levies or Garnishments$75.00
Medallion Stamp - Per Stamp$45.00
Money Order$5.00
Official Check$10.00
Office Check issued in Lieu of Check$25.00
Verification Services
Verification of Deposit (VOD)$20.00
Verification of Mortgage (VOM)$20.00
Verification of Account (VOA)$15.00
Verification of Funds (VOF)$30.00
Wire Transfer Services
Incoming Domestic$20.00
Outgoing Domestic$23.00
Incoming Foreign$27.50
Outgoing Foreign$47.50
Research Services
Account Reconciliation/Research, Per Hour$35.00
Duplicate Statement - Per Statement$3.00
Statement Print - Per Statement (Current History$3.00
Special Statement Request - Per Statement, Per Month$10.00
Photo Copies, Each$3.00
Fax (local), Per Fax$3.00