Pay your bills from one secure location.

Metairie Bank’s online and mobile bill pay are FREE and easy to use!

Online Bill Pay features include:

  • Scheduled Payments
  • E-bills – Connect your account and receive updates when your bill is ready.
  • Automatic Payments using E-bill
  • Pay a Person using their routing and account number at another financial institution.
  • Send Check Payments
  • Keep a history of your paid bills and create reports.


Never set up payments before?  Read about making the switch to online bill pay on our blog.

Online Bill Pay: Making the Switch

Mobile Bill Pay

Forget to pay a bill? No problem. Sign into your Metairie Bank Mobile App and send in payments or schedule them for a future date. You can rest easy knowing you’ll never be late for another payment when you have your funds at your fingertips.

Note: To pay bills through the mobile app, you must first enroll for bill pay in online banking.  Payees can only be set up and edited through online banking on the web.

Download the app!

Android app on Google Play Store

Available on the iPad in the AppStore

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make a payment to anyone?

    Yes, you can pay anyone including your cable company, doctor, or Uncle Charlie. Payments to payees outside of the United States are prohibited and may not be issued under any circumstances.

  • Can I pay bills with my credit card?

    Currently, we don’t issue payments from a credit card.

  • Can I add payees from the Mobile App?

    Currently, you can only add or edit payees in the bill pay web application. Payments can be made to existing payees using your mobile app.

  • Can I cancel a payment?

    In most cases, you can cancel an electronic payment 3 days or more prior to its deliver-by date and you can cancel a check payment 5 days or more prior to its deliver-by date. To cancel a payment, click the Cancel link in the Pending Payments section on the Make Payments page.

  • Who has access to my bill pay and funding account?

    You are the only person who can authorize payments to be issued against your account. Our representatives only access your account information on a need-to-know basis, and only with your approval.

  • Can I pay a person or business if I don't have an account number?

    Yes, you don’t need an account number to make a payment.

  • What security features do you use?

    Our service is highly secure, designed to fully safeguard the privacy and security of your financial information. Unlike normal Internet communication, all information sent to and from our processing center is encrypted and sent through a secure communications channel. Messages cannot be redirected, read, or tampered with. We also take advantage of the maximum level of security supported by your browser, including 128-bit RC4 encryption.

  • Are there any payments I can't issue?

    Due to legal requirements, we limit the ability to make certain types of payments. Payments to payees outside of the United States are prohibited and may not be issued under any circumstances. In addition, the following payments are discouraged, but may be scheduled at your own risk:

    • tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service or any state or other government agency
    • court-ordered payments, such as alimony or child support
    • payments to insurance companies

    We will not notify you if you attempt to make any of these payments and we will not be liable if we do not make a prohibited or discouraged payment that you’ve scheduled.