We strive to make our online banking a safe, secure, and time-saving way to manage your Metairie Bank accounts.

We have many built-in security features on the site, but you need to do your part to protect your personal information. Attention to your responsibilities is outlined below. We will also credit your Metairie Bank accounts for any fees charged due to the unauthorized transaction.

Review Accounts RegularlyReview your Metairie Bank accounts and notify us of any unauthorized activity.At least once a month
Protect your PINS and PasswordNever store your Online User ID, password or personal identification number (PIN) in your browser, or share them with family or friends. Never enter this information anywhere other than metairiebank.com.Change your PIN and password every few months
Protect your ComputerEnsure your computer has the most current anti-spyware, anti-virus and firewall software.Always
Keep your Browser Up to DateAlways use an up-to-date, supported browser with at least 128-bit encryption.Always
Keep your Operating System Up to DateCheck for the latest security updates on your operating system.Monthly
Do Not Reply to Email RequestsMetairie Bank will not ask for personal information in an e-mail. Do not provide account numbers or passwords, or click suspicious links.Never
Log Off from metairiebank.comClose your browser after you log off. Do not leave your computer unattended while on metairiebank.com.Each Visit
Stay InformedCheck the Security and Privacy Center regularly to stay current on the latest security issues and advice.Regularly
Cooperate with Metairie BankCooperate with us in investigating and prosecuting any unauthorized activity on your account. This may include giving us access to your computer.Always