Moving all your accounts to Metairie Bank has never been easier.

Our convenient Switch Kit makes it easy to benefit from all that Metairie Bank has to offer: Competitive products and services, Great Rates and the Best Personal Service.

Download Switch Kit Packet

1. Open your new Metairie Bank Checking Account:

You can open an account by visiting any of our branch locations.

2. Stop using your old account:

Just let all of your checks clear. We’ll pay you $10.00 for your unused checks, debit cards and deposit slips and destroy them for you.

3. Move your Direct Deposits to your new account:

Once your checking account is opened, you will want to change any direct deposits to your new account. Also, you’ll need to inform companies who make direct deposits on your behalf to use the new account. You can use the Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form to notify these companies of the change. Print one form for each direct deposit, fill it out and send it to the company making your deposits.

Note: For social security direct deposits, changes may be made by calling Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

4. Move your Automatic Withdrawals to your New Account:

You will want to change any automatic payments that are being drafted from your old account. You will need to notify the companies making those drafts of the change in accounts.

Feel free to use the Automatic Payment/Deposit Switch Form to notify these companies of the change. Print a form for each company making an automatic payment/deposit. Fill it out and send it to the company making the payment/deposit.

5. Close your old account:

You can do this by sending a written notice to close your old checking account using the Account Closing Form.

If, after all your checks have cleared there is a balance that remains, your previous bank will send you a check for the remaining balance. The Account Balance Worksheet is provided to easily assist you in calculating your balance.

6. New Account Conversion Check List:

To make the account switch process as easy as possible, your Metairie Bank Switch kit includes a Convenient Check List to guide you though a simple and orderly process.