Make Deposits Without Ever Leaving Your Office

With Metairie Bank’s Commercial Capture Xpress, you can make daily deposits to your business account from the convenience of your office. It’s secure and easily setup in minutes by a Metairie Bank Business Specialist.

Get Local Support from Metairie Bank Business Specialists Near You

Commercial Capture Xpress is one way of simplifying your business banking. With Metairie Bank business specialists just down the street from your office, we’d be happy to share more time and money saving solutions to support your business banking needs. So you can run your business without running to the bank! We invite you to find out more. Please call us for more information.

Remote Deposit is Convenient

  • No more trips to the bank
  • A simple-to-use check scanner easily plugs into your PC
  • Make deposits securely any day, night or weekend
  • Get faster access to funds and reduce return errors
  • Offers robust reporting
  • Consolidate all your regional and nationwide deposits into a single account

Call 504-832-5634 now to schedule a no-obligation Commercial Capture Xpress demonstration at your office.