When you need extra money but don’t want to draw on your savings and investments, talk to us about a personal loan.

We offer secured and unsecured loans at competitive rates.

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Personal Loans

With personal loans, you are a given a lump sum of a specific amount, which is spaced out in a fixed repayment term. Our loans can come with a fixed or variable interest rate depending on your needs.

Use a personal loan when you have a fixed amount of expense that you see upcoming and can be prepared to take on.

Lines of Credit

Similar to the functions of a credit card, a personal line of credit allows you to set a maximum spend over a period of time, and then make payments based on how much you borrow from the overall line of credit.

Lines of credit can be an excellent resource to those with great credit. It offers a lot of flexibility to cover unexpected expenses such as car repairs, or tax bills.

Here are some advantages to a Metairie Bank personal line of credit:

  • Easy, fast access to funds
  • Comes with Metairie Bank Overdraft protection
  • Competitive rates
  • Alternative to other types of loans
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