As hurricane season approaches, it’s essential to have a plan for your finances along with your emergency kit. Below are a few tips on how to financially prepare.

1.) Withdraw Cash Before the Storm Hits: During and after a hurricane, power outages and network disruptions can hinder access to cash. To prepare, withdraw enough cash to cover expenses for a few days before the storm hits. Store the cash securely in a safe location.

1.) Build an Emergency Fund: Save up an emergency fund that can cover your expenses for several weeks in case of any problems during the storm.

2.) Review Insurnace Policies: Before a hurricane, always contact your insurance company to know what your policy covers in case you need to repair or replace your      belongings.

3.) Notify Your Bank: Inform your bank of your whereabouts if you plan to evacuate. Set up alerts for any unusual account activity.

4.) Enroll in Online Banking: Enroll in online banking before a hurricane strikes to ensure access to your accounts, even in challenging circumstances.