What is the Louisiana Main Street Recovery Grant Program?

The Louisiana Main Street Recovery Grant Program is a new state law designed to reimburse eligible small businesses for up to $15,000 in expenses incurred due to COVID-19. Administered by the Louisiana Department of Treasury, the program aims to help small businesses recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.

What types of expense can be reimbursed?

Costs incurred to meet public health requirements include:

  • Signage to create social distancing measures
  • Cleaning or disinfecting areas due to COVID-19
  • Personal protective supplies for employees or customers
  • Equipment necessary for public health or to respond to changes in business environment, including but not limited to:
      • Equipment to screen employees or customers to ensure they are not positive for COVID-19
      • Equipment to track employees or customers who have tested positive for COVID-19
      • Technology expenses to facilitate teleworking
  • Rent for additional facilities or storage to allow for social distancing
  • Facility renovation costs to promote social distancing (partitions, shields, etc.)
  • Temporary structures to promote social distancing
Business interruption costs:
  • Mortgage interest of a business
  • Rent of existing business locations, equipment
  • Lease costs of vehicles
  • Employee Payroll, including employer payroll taxes, health and retirement benefits. For sole proprietors, and other persons whose compensation is derived from receiving a draw from the business, a deemed salary/wage will be allowed in an amount equal to the number of hours worked times the median hourly wage for all occupations in the State of Louisiana according to the most recent data published by the US. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Utilities
  • Supplies
  • Insurance
  • Inventory that is unable to be sold (up to $1,000)
  • Professional costs for filing Main Street claims (not to exceed $500)

Home-based businesses cannot include home office expenses.

How much money is available in this reimbursement Program?

$275 million is set aside for small businesses in Louisiana.

How much money can I receive?

You can apply for up to $15,000 to cover your eligible expenses.

Why should I apply?

There is no reason not to apply! If your business is eligible and has been economically impacted by the pandemic, you should apply to be reimbursed for your expenses.

How do I apply?

Visit LouisianaMainStreet.com.
In order to apply, you must have filed Louisiana tax returns in 2018 or 2019, or plan to file in 2020. For a complete list of eligibility requirements, visit LouisianaMainStreet.com/eligibility

To get started, download the User Guide from the LouisianaMainStreet.com Resource Center and visit our LouisianaMainStreet.com Frequently Asked Questions.
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