As Ron serves as LBA’s Southeast Region Representative this year, he tells LBA about the biggest challenges he thinks banks face today and his goals for the Association for the upcoming year.

LBA quizzed Ron below, but first, take a look at his impressive CV:
  • A native of Dallas, Ron earned a bachelor of business administration degree and a master’s degree in accounting from Texas Tech University.
  • Currently serving as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Metairie Bank, a position he has held since 2013.
  • Previous banking positions include Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer of First Bank and Trust in New Orleans; Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Hibernia Corp.; and Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Banking Segment of Capital One.
  • Prior to entering banking, as a CPA, he worked for the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse where he was in the Financial Services Practice Group as a Senior Audit Manager.
  • Currently serves on the boards of Community Financial Insurance Center in Monroe, LA, and Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans.

Q & A with Ron Samford

LBA: How did you first get into banking?

Samford: My first experience was auditing small banks and credit unions after joining Price Waterhouse just out of college. Eventually I left public accounting to become the controller of a $5 billion asset bank in Ft. Worth, TX.

LBA: What attracted you to serve on LBA’s board?

Samford: The excellent job the LBA does in advocating for community banks, on both the state and national level, and the importance of that effort to the health of the banking industry in general.

LBA: What are the biggest challenges faced by banks today?

Samford: The regulatory burden is still “ever-present,” and the competition is fierce, primarily from the faceless ‘mega’ banks and the under-regulated, non-taxed and membership-lost credit unions. Community banks can compete with anyone on a level playing field, and it’s important to small businesses that we’re allowed to do that.

LBA: What are your goals for the Association for the upcoming year?

Samford: To help ensure that the banking industry here not only survives, but thrives, because that’s what helps create economic growth—providing needed capital to small businesses and individuals here in Louisiana.

LBA: How do you spend your free time?

Samford: I’m not much of an outdoorsman, but I enjoy playing golf and love following the local football and basketball teams in season. My wife and I also appreciate a good meal at the many fine restaurants in the New Orleans area, as well as the multitude of festivals available almost every weekend.