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ATM and Point of Sale fraud are on the rise…

With skimmers getting more sophisticated and a new data breach announced almost every week, fraud can be nearly unavoidable.  Here are some tips for avoiding skimmers and for protecting yourself if your card does get compromised.

Card Skimming Fraud

Skimming is the crime of getting private information about somebody else’s credit/debit card used in an otherwise normal transaction.  A device is used to skim the magnetic strip and collect the information from a person’s card.   Skimmers are usually found on ATMs and Gas station POS machines, but they are becoming more common and sophisticated.

Tips to Avoid Skimmers:
  1. Select an ATM that gets a lot of foot traffic and is in a well-lit area.
  2. Be on the lookout for anything odd about the ATM or POS machine – for example, if your card doesn’t enter an ATM smoothly, a fraudster could have a skimming device attached to the opening.
  3. Check to see if it has been tampered with.
  4. Notify the business of anything odd, so they can inspect the machine as well.
Data Breach Fraud

Another way for your card or personal information to be compromised is in a data breach.  The system used by a company to collect your card information may have been hacked or breached.  In this case, many cards are compromised at once.  Since data breaches are nearly unavoidable, the next line of protection is your own account monitoring practices.

Tips to Monitor for Fraud:
  1. Review your account daily.
  2. Set up account alerts to assist with identifying unusual activity.
  3. Report fraud as soon as you notice it.
How Metairie Bank Helps

Metairie Bank has multiple fraud prevention methods set up to protect your account and catch fraud quickly.  Our SecurLOCK Equip mobile app alerts you when your card is used and gives you the ability to block your card and re-activate it when needed.  Click the link below to learn how SecurLOCK can help you.

protect your card with securlock

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