We connect with you by offering a new way to pay for purchases.

Metairie Bank and Apple have partnered together to offer Apple Pay for your shopping convenience through your Metairie Bank MasterCard® Debit card. Apple Pay* is a contactless payment method using your compatible Apple devices that is secure and easy to use with just the simple touch of your finger.

How to Enroll

Open your “Wallet” app and tap the plus sign. You can either choose to scan the information off your card or you can choose “Enter Card Details Manually.” Next, you’ll be given a customer service phone number to call for verification. After you answer a few simple questions, you’ll be ready to use your Metairie Bank Debit Card in Apple Pay!

In-Store Purchase

Many businesses that you already visit are accepting Apple Pay. Look for the Apple Pay mark or contactless symbol at checkout. When it’s time to pay, unlock your phone and hover it over the payment terminal. Your default card will pop up with the option to use Touch ID or your Passcode for verification. You’ll never have to reveal your name, card number, or security code to the cashier.

In-App Purchase

When making purchases within apps that accept Apple Pay, there is no need to find your debit card and enter the information each time. Your billing and shipping information can be saved for a quick and easy checkout all on your iPhone or iPad.

*Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay, Apple Watch and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Apple Pay FAQs


  • What devices are compatible?

    • iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and later
    • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and later
    • Apple Watch paired with your iPhone

  • How do I enroll my debit card in Apple Pay?

    Go to the Wallet App on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the + sign and
    follow the simple instructions.

    Wallet App

  • How do I set up Apple Pay on my Apple Watch?

    Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then tap Wallet & Apple Pay. If you’ve already added a card to Wallet on iPhone, you’ll see it listed and you can tap it to add it to Apple Watch. If not, tap Add Credit or Debit Card.

  • Where can I use Apple Pay?

    In stores, you can use Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Within apps, you can use Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad.

    A vendor that accepts Apple Pay will have one or both of these symbols posted at checkout.

    Apple Pay Symbol Contactless Payment Symbol

  • How do I use Apple Pay at a register?

    iPhone: Unlock your phone and hover it over the contactless card reader. Your default card will pop up and you can either use your Touch ID (fingerprint) or your Passcode to approve the transaction.

    Apple Watch: Double-click the side button, swipe to choose a card, then hold Apple Watch within a few centimeters of the contactless card reader, with the display facing the reader. A gentle tap and beep confirm that the payment information was sent.

  • I am getting the error message, “Card Not Added. Contact your card issuer.”

    The most common reason for this error message is an incorrect Address Verification. In order to verify your debit card, Apple will compare the address connected to your Apple ID with the address on file with Metairie Bank.

    First, make sure your address with Metairie Bank is up-to-date. Then, update your address with Apple. You can do this by going to Settings > iCloud > tap on your name/email > Contact Information > Update your Primary Address.

Safety Tips


A service offered by Apple. While your Debit Card information is already protected with touch ID or your passcode, it may give you peace of mind to suspend your Apple Pay account if your device is ever lost. Go to Apple.com/icloud to learn more about Find My iPhone.


In the event that your device is lost or stolen, it’s always good to have your photos, videos, and other data saved in another location. Back up your device regularly to a computer or iCloud account.